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Partner with us for efficient and reliable EV charging that can attract residents and boost your property’s value. Our user-friendly systems feature the latest technology for fast and convenient charging and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Installation Service

Opt for the expertise of experienced professionals who can deliver safe, reliable, and environmentally-conscious installations, minimizing charger downtime.


Troubleshoot & Maintenance

Count on our dedicated team to swiftly resolve charger issues and ensure smooth operations. Discover troubleshooting guides, maintenance tips, and quick solutions for an optimized EV charging experience. Drive with confidence, knowing QCharge has you covered!

How our smart system works?

Here is a 3 step process learn more about our app and how it works


Download and Install the App

Download and install the EV charger app from your device's app store.


Find and Select a Charger

Open the app and search for chargers nearby. Select a charger based on availability, speed, and pricing.


Initiate Charging and Make Payment

Connect your car to the selected charger. Launch the app, start the charging session, and securely make payment.

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Incentives & Rebates

Discover more information regarding various incentives and rebates available for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.


The future is now.

With advanced technologies such as bi-directional charging, solar carports, and battery storage systems, the adoption of electric vehicles is becoming more feasible and accessible than ever before.

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